The chance of a woman being raped is one in five. Rape is happening everywhere and all over the world. It seems as though there is a high tolerance for rape and not much is done to prevent it or to do after it happens. If a person feels they have been raped they can file a report and an investigation will occur. However these investigation are rarely taken seriously by the authorities. There are support groups to help rape victims recover from the trauma, but this kind of assault will change a person’s entire life. Thomas Millar wrote, in his article “If she’s not having fun you have to stop,” that assault prevention starts at a young age. This is true, education about respect for others starts with parents.

Children learn what is right and wrong at a young age. Thomas Millar explains that children need to hear at a young age about respecting a companion and their decisions. This is the most important to teach the next generation so rape won’t be as common as it is today. Millar writes “if is she’s not having fun, you have to stop.” If this is said a lot throughout a child’s life, boy or girl, then it will lower the frequency of sexual assault for future generations. This is also just a basic life lesson to help with many parts of a child’s life, to keep healthy relationships. When I was young, neither my brother nor I were told to stop doing something until after we had done it. If my brother and I were roughhousing, he wouldn’t be told to stop playing if I didn’t want to until after I was hurt and crying and hurt. That’s how it is in modern times. People are told not to assault until after it has already happened.  “Regard for one’s partner is a basic component of respect,” wrote Millar. It is estimated that three hundred thousand women are raped per year. Most of the rape victims don’t report their assault and most rape cases are dismissed. There is a high lenience for rape. Not much is don’t before it happens and not much is done after it happens. This crime affects the crimes of thousands of women and men all over the world. People need to stop having such a high tolerance for rape. The next generation needs to learn that it’s not okay to hurt others.